Delbarton resident faces multiple counts

By Kyle Lovern

August 6, 2013

Rachel Baldwin

Staff Writer

DELBARTON – A local resident has found himself on the wrong side of the law and is now facing a total of thirteen charges that resulted from his arrest by a West Virginia State Police Trooper (WVSP).

Phillip Mitchell, 20, of Delbarton, was taken into custody by WVSP Trooper D.M. Williamson on charges of destruction of property, three counts of assault, three counts of battery on a police officer, assault on an officer, three counts of obstructing, fleeing, public intoxication and putting glass on roadway.

According to the criminal complaint, Trooper Williamson, along with Delbarton Patrolmen J. Tincher and Davis, were dispatched on a call of public disturbance on Buffalo Mountain. Upon arrival, the officers approached the first victim of the reported crime who relayed that someone had thrown a rock off of a ledge into the windshield of his Chevrolet Cavalier. He told law enforcement that the defendant then started yelling from the ledge that overlooks the roadway and could be heard shouting obscenities at he and his son, after heaving the rock in their direction. The victim said that Mitchell threatened that he was going to “beat their ass.”

When asked if he got a good look at the perpetrator, the victim stated that he did not, but said that he recognized him as Phillip Mitchell by his voice. Victim number two was then questioned, who relayed that a glass bottle had been thrown onto the roadway in front of his vehicle, causing him to stop. Upon exiting his truck, he was also threatened by Mitchell in the same manner as the other victim and was also able to identify the defendant as the one who committed the act.

Mitchell was placed under arrest after he was discovered hiding from the police and was arraigned before Mingo County Magistrate Pam Newsome. He was transported to the Southwestern Regional Jail at Holden where he remains incarcerated on a $6,700 bond.