WPD seeks help in catching bank robber

Harry Keith White

July 28, 2012


Staff Writer

WILLIAMSON — The Williamson Police Department is requesting assistance from the public in apprehending an armored car driver who allegedly stole $10,000 from a bank in Williamson.

Williamson Chief of Police C.D. Rockel told the Daily News that Christian Coleman, 26, drove an armored car from Cincinnati, Ohio, into the city. Once he arrived at the bank, the bank managers were apparently busy with customers, Rockel said. Coleman slipped into the bathroom for a moment and slit open a clear bag containing $70,000. He then allegedly took $10,000 from the bag and sealed it back with packing tape that he, according to Rockel, had gotten from another delivery.

The chief said that Coleman had clearly planned the theft.

Once Coleman had left, Rockel said that the bank managers decided to count the money. Upon doing so, they realized that they were short $10,000.

Rockel wouldn’t reveal the name of the armored car company nor the bank.

Coleman is thought to be in the Lexington, Ky., area.

“He has been place into the NCIC (National Crime Information Center),” Rockel said. “Lexington officials are looking for him as well.”

Rockel said that this isn’t a typical bank robbery, but that Coleman would instead, once caught, be charged with embezzlement by carrier.

People with information regarding the case are asked to contact the WPD at 304-235-2570.