Taking Baby Steps

Tonight as I was praying over my daughter before bed time I thanked God for baby steps. Now that may not seem unusual to those reading this but I have not given you all of the information. My daughter is eighteen years old and a freshman in college. Needless to say this brought memories of her journey so far gushing into my mind like the Hoover Dam had been breached. My daughter was born premature. She entered this world at 28 weeks and weighed a little over two pounds. Her birth was in June ...

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It’s time to draw the line with the EPA

By ROGER HORTONGuest columnistFrankly, I am tired of watching coal mining jobs disappear. I am tired of watching families lose homes and cars, lose their life-savings, their retirement and health plans. I am tired of watching men and women who should be working and raising a family, who don’t want handouts and just want to work, standing in unemployment lines.

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It’s good to have solid foundations

Growing up in the metropolis of Nolan, West Virginia I learned many valuable lessons. One of the most important lessons I learned was the importance of a foundation.

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If we’d just send Capito …

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comIf we’d just send Shelley Moore Capito to Washington, the coal trucks would start rolling again.Oh … wait … we’ve already sent her to Congress and … well, coal is in big trouble.The lunacy of political campaigns would sometimes cause a sane person to crumble. Capito’s ads and campaign pronouncements make it appear her election to the U.S. Senate seat being given up by Ja...

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Indictments to come in Logan?

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comEverybody in Logan County is about to be indicted.I’m operating on the premise that nobody can make it through an entire day without somehow breaking a law or statute. Most will let their vehicle drift left of center. Others will jaywalk, tell a little white lie or worse. This indictment theory seems to be the logic used by those who despise some Logan County officials. Every day, these cynics expect a dozen indictments...

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The story of Jonah and the fish

There’s a ginormous fish on my coffee table. It’s for my Jonah and the Fish game. I made it out of a laundry basket and a big garbage bag. It has big teeth and a long tongue. I hope it’s as cool for the kids as it is in my head. After we do our Bible lesson about Jonah being eaten by a humungous fish, we will take turns tossing a plastic Jonah into the mouth of the laundry basket/garbage bag fish with the big teeth and tongue.

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Mingo County: Political writer’s dream job

By Ron Gregoryronjgregory@gmail.comA political columnist’s dream come true. That’s Mingo County.Where do we begin? A fight in the County Clerk’s office? A mad scramble to field a candidate, any candidate, to run for county commissioner? Law enforcement officials who, after the fight broke out, don’t seem to know where the courthouse is? State officials opposed to letting the Mingo voters choose their own Family Court judge?Tr...

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Mingo politics 3-ring circus without a tent

It’s frustrating to be a voter in Mingo County.On the one hand, you have elected officeholders, who were the first choice of voters, caught scheming to pervert justice and to take advantage of their influence who are indicted, found guilty and sent to federal prisons throughout the Southeast.On the other hand, you have elected officeholders, who are the first choice of primary election voters, who withdraw their names from the general election ballot, forcing the v...

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Mingo politics 3-ring circus without a tent

It’s frustrating to be a voter in Mingo...

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